Scalextric was launched in 1962 by toy company EXIN and in 2017 celebrated the 55th anniversary in Spain. Throughout these fifty-five years, SCALEXTRIC® / SCX® has managed to remain one of the toys most desired by thousands of children. In the late 1990s, SCALEXTRIC® impacted the market again thanks to the application of technological innovations in its products, such as the total removal of cables within cars, lights with fiber optic transmission, and neodymium magnets for better stability, all supported with a new marketing strategy. Since 1962 SCALEXTRIC® has been an aspirational reference for children and parents an unbeatable element of play shared with their children. In 2018 the new company SCX S.L. (Scale Competition Xtreme S.L.) gives a new air to this always toy modernizing its image and giving a new boost to the brand.


There are toys that do not go out of style and that for many years that have been in the market, are still present, year after year, in the letter that children send to the Kings. This is the case of Scalextric® a toy that has been around for more than 50 years and continues to provoke passion and enthusiasm for both parents and their children. On the other hand, Scalextric® unlike the vast majority of toys, it allows for something as important as having parents and children share time together. From the first moment, starting with the assembly of the circuit tracks and continuing with the competition, the lessons to improve the driving and performance of the cars, etc…, Scalextric® becomes a meeting point for children and adults. Good habits such as order, patience, effort, discipline and teamwork, among many others, are what the DNA of Scalextric® breathes.

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